RE: What is jealousy got to do with love

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RE: What is jealousy got to do with love

I think everyone wants the ‘happily ever after’ we see in the movies. Unfortunately, the movies don’t include the hardships of life that come with any relationship. It’s hard to make any marriages work these days in a time of fast information and even faster relationships.

Great question….tough answer. Yes, I guess I do want to grow old with someone and not be alone the rest of my life. However, I think I should live with my mate for a few years to ensure that marriage is the right thing to do. I have had many girlfriends since my divorce 10 years ago and none of the relationships lasted. I’ve had 6 women tell me they loved me since my divorce and claimed they wanted marriage, but things just never worked out with any of them. I’m not so sure if that in today’s society, people are just looking for the next best thing and not actually seeking a lifetime commitment.

I am seeking a ‘forever and a day’ kinda love that is full of fun, laughter, and enjoyment of each others company. I come from a rural area where people say what they mean and mean what they say. I have said I love you and meant it…I have thought I found ‘the one’ several times, only to find out they were not looking for forever, and had my heart broken as a result.

I am seeking a best friend and a lover too that can trust and communicate openly…and so far the communication and trust have been the hardest part to find.

For now, I am happy being single and alone. Happiness comes from within and you’ll never find it in another person or a relationship. I do think you can be happy and live happily ever after with a partner if you find someone you can find attraction, humor, trust, love, and open communication with. I just get tired seeking the diamond in the sea of coal…
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