My Latest Obsession

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RE: My Latest Obsession

Glad you figured out the whole baby-club thing emoticon hopefully you'll be happier now; plus anyway getting to know a few of them one to one is probably building stronger bonds at the end of the day.

America!!! Lucky you!! I'd love to go to America!! I'm 18 and I cant even say I've done or am doing that!!! emoticon

Facebook is a load of's like a huge game thing where you constantly add applications!!! It is good for finding people you used to know through other links thought but then so is myspace. Im a myspace girl at heart haha. Luckily I only have one so called-barely 'ex' on there though so im alright emoticon

So are you religious then? I never got the differences and boundaries between Cathlics and Christians its all so confusing. I'll stick with the confusion of paganism me thinks emoticon